For close to 10 years, Village Energy has pecialized in fast payback, high return utility based upgrades. Our skilled analysts, project managers, and technicians will help reduce the water, elctricity, and gas consumed at your business or building. We can also help you generate hot air or water and electricity for greater energy savings and independence.


2-1-12 The OPA's Save on Energy Program announced.
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New OPA rules and rates for their FIT and MicroFit programs.
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A Reusable Resource

-By testing water pressure and flow rates we are able to install shower heads and faucet aerators to achieve conservation targets. Changing toilet components, or adding flow diverters and tummies can reduce the water used by older toilets.

-By installing new faucet cartridges and seals, along with toilet flappers, floats, ballcocks, and shut off valves (as needed), we can eliminate drips, saving thousands of litres of water a year - much of it heated.


Use Less for More

-Lighting and control upgrades allow you to provide the same or more light for less.

-Back up power systems ensures vital devices keep going in event of a power outage.

-Renewable power generation helps you power devices independently of the grid, or sell power through your electricity provider.

-Power quality testing and correction can help make equipment run better and reduce VA surcharges on your electrical bill.


Smarter Heating and Cooling

-Logic upgrades for boilers, furnaces and air conditioners that better match equipment performance to load demands.

-Solar hot water preheating for water-source heat pumps, showers and faucets, or manufacturing processes.

-Solar air pre-heating lets you use wall or roof space to preheat fresh air.